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Solar Energy System

How It Works

Most solar systems are connected through a Net Metering program where all the electricity created from the solar panel will flow back into the grid.
Net MEtering System Components

Solar Panel

We use high quality mono-crystalline solar panels made Canadian Solar, which converts much more electricity than traditional solar panels. Solar panels come with a 25-yr performance warranty.

Net MEtering

Micro Inverters

Micro Inverters convert the DC current electricity produce from the solar panels into usable AC current. Micro Inverters offer a higher output than traditional string inverters and come with a 20 year warranty.

Net MEtering System Components

Mounting System

We manufacture and customize each racking system according to the installation and roof material. It is made from aluminum and is extremely durable.

Energy Rate
The cost of electricity is only going up. It makes sense for homeowners to produce their energy rather than purchase from the local utility. 50 Years x 12 Months x $300/monthly = $180,000

We work hard to make it real!

Our Work Process

Proposal & Consultation

Request a free customized solar design and see what solar can do for your property. Explore your solar options and available solar rebates.

Project Assessment

Before applying for building permit, utility connection, electrical permit, or anything we will assess the project to determine the full scope of your home & budget before proceeding.

Application & Approval

All the necessary project documents are reviewed and submitted for approvals. We also apply to any available market rebates.

Installation & Connection

Takes 1-2 days for an installation to be completed and a few weeks for the utility to install the meter and activate to the grid.

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Sustainable Technology - Solar SYstem

Lease To Own

No upfront and use the rebate as your first down payment.
Solar Panels Have 25 Year Warranty
No Upfront Cost
Mounting/Racking system customized
Online Monitoring
Secure Enhanced Net Metering
Up to $8000 available in rebates
Long Term Lease Available
Apply for 0% Interest
Free Project Assessment
Quick Rebate Approval
Starting At |  $70 / Month

How does the warranty and maintenance work on the solar system installation?

Solar panels typically come with a 25-35 year performance warranty. The inverters used with the solar panels also have a 20-year warranty. Solar systems are robust, and this is why NASA attaches them to there Satellite.

How do the solar panels perform during the winter snowy days?

Solar panels work in the winter, too, and their output is lower than during the peak days of the summer. Snow build up can temporarily reduce or shut down energy output. But given that solar panels have a smooth, transparent surface, the snow will slide off much sooner than the surrounding roof surface. Our design considers these factors when providing proposals.

How much can this cost me if I go with the lease-to-own?

The majority of solar project leasing would cost less than what the homeowner is paying their local utility. In marketplaces such as Nova Scotia, where the energy rates are extremely higher, and only rising, it makes sense to pay a solar system than a power bill with no ownership in the end.

How does Efficiency Nova Scotia (ENS) take part in this process?

Efficiency Nova Scotia is the administrative authority behind the SolarHome Rebate. Ultimately once, the solar system is installed, it will require a Net Meter connection, which means you'll have entered an agreement with your local utility to sell back the excess solar energy.

What is Enhanced Net Metering?

Enhanced Net Metering is another term for Net Metering used by Nova Scotia Power. Under this program, the solar system will be connected to the grid, and all the excess energy will flow back into the grid and the homeowner will receive credits for this. The energy credits can be used later to offset your monthly electricity bill.

How much will I saved on my monthly electricity bill.

Savings will vary based on system size and system production and local utility company charges and several other factors. The vast majority of solar system installations offset 60-100% of a residential property electricity bill. If you would like figures for a project, contact us for a free solar proposal.

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