Solar Panel System

The future Is electric

Solar Energy System

How It Works

Most solar systems are connected through a Net Metering program where all the electricity created from the solar panel will flow back into the grid.
Net MEtering System Components

Solar Panel

We use high quality mono-crystalline solar panels made Canadian Solar, which converts much more electricity than traditional solar panels. Solar panels come with a 25-yr performance warranty.

Net MEtering

Micro Inverters

Micro Inverters convert the DC current electricity produce from the solar panels into usable AC current. Micro Inverters offer a higher output than traditional string inverters and come with a 20 year warranty.

Net MEtering System Components

Mounting System

We manufacture and customize each racking system according to the installation and roof material. It is made from aluminum and is extremely durable.

Energy Rate
The cost of electricity is only going up. It makes sense for homeowners to produce their energy rather than purchase from the local utility. 50 Years x 12 Months x $300/monthly = $180,000

Thousands of Happy Customers All Across Canada

"I guess I got in when all the discounts were flowing so I'm happy about that.. Left me with a net reduced cost. I've started getting my credits and making my payments. System appears to be working really well. Very pleased. Wished I'd done it sooner."
G. Robinson
"I have no regrets in getting the solar panels, as they have notify me of any changes for the most part when there has been delays. Plus I didn't have to pay anything and they've been professional through the entire process. I'm overall satisfy with the solar panels."
M. Parker
"GriffEnergy was amazing to work with! The team did a stunning job with my home renovation project. They were fully engaged throughout the design, planning, and execution - always going the extra mile to keep me in loop and help me with decisions."
H . Kaur
"Highly recommend this company. Very professional and they answered all my questions. Ive been hesitant towards solar panels for a long time.. We finally decided to get them and we're very pleased!!!"
R. Thind
"I really like the way you guys explains everything in a very clear manner and there is no doubt that everyone should check this out. Overall, I would highly recommend this. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up and all the very best."
K Varun
"Griffenergy have been excellent to deal with. Especially during this pandemic. They have answered all our questions, they have been very professional in all aspects. The installation crew were fast and efficient.  We are at the last step of the process, waiting for NS power to install the new meter. Can hardly wait for our final step to be completed and we can start producing our own power"
M. Tufts


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$0 Downpayment
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System Design

Our design team will work with the engineering team to provide you with the best solar system design.

Affordable Monthly Payments

Solar systems provide immediate savings on the power bill allowing homeowners to stay within the same monthly budget. Let the system pay for itself!


Solar system comes with a 10-30 year warranty on all parts.

Reduce Energy Cost

Significantly reduce your electric bills by going solar with 0% financing. Using the electricty to offset your demand.

Increase Property Value

Add equity into the home by producing your own energy.

Customer Support

We provide on going service

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